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Blocky Sniper

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Blocky Sniper

Put on your war face and hold tight your rifle in this action, first-person shooter game Blocky Sniper! Play as a sniper, stalk from the shadows, wait to strike when enemies approach your base. Defend your base and earn significant rewards!

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How to Play

Blocky Sniper is a thrilling first-person shooter style browser game where you can play as a soldier that ordered to defend his base against waves of enemy targets. These enemies will approach your base from all sides, and will attack armed and ready to kill. Your Commanding Officer has placed a sniper on each side of the base. Defend your base against the massive waves of enemies to earn gold and experience. Use the gold to purchase new weapons and upgrades. Gain experience to unlock many exceptional weapons that will help you clear each wave with ease.


Blocky Sniper includes many different key controls for players to allow to use them the most accurate shooting ability possible in a flash game. In addition to using your mouse to scan the perimeter and using the left mouse button to fire your weapon, there are also many keyboard controls that you will need to learn in order to defend your base successfully and prevail against your enemies.

Spacebar – Zoom in and out using your scope
R button – Reload your weapon
Numbers 1 through 3 buttons – Toggle through the snipers on the field
Escape or P buttons – Pause the game
M button – Mute the game
X or Shift buttons – Zoom


Unlike other flash games, in Blocky Sniper there are no “levels”, however everything is separated as days. In day one, you can begin to learn the controls in real-time setting. As your enemies are approaching, you will be learned how to aim and shoot with your beginner weapon, how to zoom in and out with your scope, and how to toggle through the snipers to give you the best view possible of your enemies. By shooting all of the enemies on day one, you should earn enough money to purchase better, more powerful weapons for the days ahead.

The Playing Field

When you begin playing, you will notice many sections on the screen such as an area that shows when one of the snipers have spotted an enemy approaching, an area that tells you how well your base is holding up against the enemy attacks, a section that tells you how many enemies exist in the current wave as well as how many waves to expect, and icons that show you each of your snipers in the field. When an enemy approaches near one of the snipers, the sniper’s icon will flash red to let you know that you need to switch to that sniper and shoot up some bad guys. Keep an eye on the base’s health, too. If your base’s health go down too low, you will lose the match!

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